About Leblon London

Leblon London had its debut runway as part of the official London Fashion Week schedule in Febrary 2024.

Founded by Yane Ferriera in 2021, just as lockdown hit, Leblon London is a testament to its visionary founder’s passion and resilience. Despite unprecedented challenges the brand quickly gathered a devoted celebrity following and loyal customer base. With a lifetime immersed in fashion, Yane’s roots trace back to Rio where her mother was a renowned couturier. Her Transatlantic journey continued in the UK as a top model followed by a 10 year span as a fit model for one of the UK’s leading fashion brands. With a discerning eye for quality and an unparalleled flair for fashion, under Yane’s guidance, Leblon London has become synonymous with elegance.

Leblon London

Bold Elegance

Autumn Vibe